Essay Contest

SCAPAT is proud to offer its Undergraduate Essay Contest for the 2015-2016 academic year. Like the previous one, this contest is designed to celebrate and reward exceptional research undertaken by undergraduate students in Canada who have written essays, in English or French, on any theme relating to Classics (i.e. concerning the Roman empire from A.D. 284 to 700). Applicants do not need to be a major in a relevant discipline to submit their work. The prize for the winner will be $100 again this year and the essay will also be published in the next SCAPAT newsletter.

Essays should be submitted electronically (from a university email address) by either the student or the instructor on the student’s behalf. They should be sent in pdf format to:

Dr Conor Whately
Department of Classics University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Ave. Winnipeg,
Manitoba Canada, R3B 2E9
Tel.: 204-786-9879

There should be no indication of the student’s identity on the essay document itself. Instead, the required information should be provided on a separate document (also sent electronically) that indicates the student’s name, e-mail address, university affiliation, and the title of the paper. If the essay is being submitted by an instructor the name and e-mail address of the applicant should be included.

The essay should be submitted as it was written for its course without revisions, with the exception of typographical corrections. It should be 15-22 pages in length (including bibliography) and double-spaced. Students may submit only one essay per year.

The judging is based on both the essay’s content and its form: the winning essay must be well written, clearly organised and free from errors of grammar and syntax; the contest winner will have made good use of the pertinent sources, have covered their chosen subject thoroughly, and ideally have provided new insights on their chosen topic.

The deadline for submitting material to the competition is May 15, 2016. The winner will be notified in July (2016) and will be announced in the next issue of Canadio-Byzantina and SCAPAT. Also note that it is possible to submit the same essay both to this contest and to that organised by Canadio-Byzantina, the Canadian Committee for Byzantine Studies,